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Battery dead after torrential rain....!

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I have been using my 400 almost every day here with no problems at all...and we had a torrential tropical rain storm here yesterday with almost 3" of rain in about 35 minutes. Old Faithful was sitting in the yard uncovered and this afternoon - went to start it and it cranked and then died....!!! Nada, Nothing, zilch, zero... So, I placed the battery on my Schumacher SC-10030A and 2 1/2 hours later the battery was fully charged. BTW - the Schumacher is a great tool to have (computer controlled) as i senses the size and type of battery and sets itself to charge it properly without any damage - also is a battery "tender" as well as a jumper battery.

Anyway - my question is...........Do you think the handlebar controls got so soaked from the rain that there was a significant current leakage...??????


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Series of short trips might have not given the bike enough time to charge sufficiently.
A tender is a good idea if you do that sort of multiple short rides.
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