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Hello all!
I wanted to share one of my creations.
I built this from a parts bike. I just wanted to have fun and do something different. My goal was to slim down the original design and make it sportier looking. Plus, make it more comfortable, handle bumps better.
I started by relocated fuel tank to front of seat. Changed seat to harley seat. Added 17" front gsxr wheel and full floating larger diameter discs. Designed front air ride and installed dirty air ride in rear, supplied with 1/4"air line, plus compressor and 1/2 gallon air tank located under the seat. It moves quick up and down. Almost instantaneous, actually. Eliminated center stand. 1/2" away from ground when slammed. 3" suspension travel. Cut down rear plastics, chucked huge taillights, and made a sport bike like tail. Fabricated cover for fuel tank.

All in all, the ride is completely different with the 17" wheel and air ride. Much more stabile feeling at high speeds and so much better over bumps.

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