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Bagged a 400K4 Today!

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Bought a 2004 AN400K4 on this stormy day :x . I can confirm the reports of 9 inches of rainfall on a neighboring island in 24 hours were true. It was so rainy I had to leave the Burg at the dealership to pick up on the next sunny day :? . Got an average price at $5300 before tax and license but ended up with the 2004 (data plate shows mfr of 11/2003) instead of a 2003 I had expected so am not surprised that I couldn't make a better deal. It's silver.

Can't wait to get it on the road and signed up for the drivers' safety course. My 2002 Moskito SX will go in the shed for now.
If anybody rides a Burger to Honolulu, I will give you a class A tour of the island and buy lunch :p .
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Congrats on the new 400 Chickenman. I bet that machine will be great for the island. Enjoy and safe riding.Let us now a bit more of your first experiences when you get your licence and start riding.
I can only dream of riding my burgman in Hawaii - you are lucky! Be safe and keep us posted on your island adventures! :D
Your are fortunate, I am still waiting on my 400 to show up at the dealer. Think about us in the cold and bikeless while you are riding your new 2004 400 in the warm.
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