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Avatar Resizer

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Just a little utility that will resize any picture into avatar size, it's free and easy to use

"The Avatar Resizer Wizard helps you create Avatars from images stored on your computer.
Before using Avatar Sizer check the Specifications (height, width and size) required by
your Forum.
This wizard takes an image already stored on your computer and resizes to a maximum of
150 x 150 pixels."

You can get it here
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You must be a MAC user. :D How did you get the Avitar into your profile?

Janine :?:
Right you are, I have an eMac and love it. I hijacked that avatar from an Italian site. I found some road test links in Google and tried to translate them - to no avail. The one site had avatars of all different makes and sizes beside the various articles. A simple copy and paste - voila, it's now mine.
Hey Rubble I just noticed in your avatar that the bike pictured has silver lower panels and a silver back panel under the lights. Kinda of different. I wonder if there are any blue 650 owners around who would like to experiment?

There's some large format pictures of the blue/silver 400 at :

I've not seen the 650 done that way (yet). I do think the 400 looks great that way.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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