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Has anyone installed an auxillary terminal block from their Burgman's battery for the electrical add-ons? I'm planning on installing a wiring harness for the Gerbing vest and gloves as well as wiring for a CB radio on my 650. I thought an auxillary terminal block would make a better and neater installation rather than adding more connections (already have Battery Tender harness connected) to the battery terminals.
Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! :D

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BUSS Fuse also makes an automotive style of fuse block that uses the blade
type of ATC fuse.
Bought a 6 fuse block today for $14. You can get them for around $11 at
the lowest and the fuses are about a dollar each.

The part number for a 6 station block is 15600-06-10. A 15600-12-10 is a 12
station block.

The fuses:

The Block:
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