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I was very pleased to find the Pirelli tires on sale at Arizona motorsports
for the unbeleivable price of $37. I went through the check out with
a confirmation price of $37 for the tires and $12 for shipping (for three tires).

Later I got an email adding $9.95 for each tire for additional shipping. Sure enough, if you look at the fine print, you'll find the $9.95 shipping surcharge listed.

I think the price for the tires is good at $47, but they should straighten
out their web site to reflect this price on the initial purchase. Otherwise,
it would appear they're playing games with the pricing. There should
never be a "confirmation" showing a total bill of $37 per tire with minimal shipping, and follow up emails adding charges.

Let me say that games aside, the prices at Arizona motorsports were
better than Oneida for West Coast people. I would probably still
shop there, just warn people to be wary of the fine print.
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