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Had Ariete valve install front/rear by ma/pa place when have 2 new tire install on 650. Me disappointed when someone @ BUSA say Dynabead not pass in Arriete small hole, have ma/pa place balance with sicky weight, front never good, vibrate all time, redo balance job same problem with Bstone Batlax TH01-F. Take a look at 2 xtra Ariete valve have here , look to find hole lot bigger than dynabead, so try to put 2 ounce bag Dynabead in tire via Ariete valve, use a 18-20 inch clear plastic tube, brother set air on compressor about 20-25 pressure, put only a little Dynabead at time and blow only little air 1/2 second at time and it work good, take 15-20 minute to put 2 ouce Dynabead in front tire, now front ride is very very very good, very very smouth.

If put too much air or blow longer than 1/2 second Dynabead block at beginning of valve or come back blow out top plastic tube.

Dynabead always best for good balance of 650 tire, never find better, even good balance machine ma/pa have not good like Dynabead. Now I very very happy with ride as it perfect now, smoothhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Good luck with you Dynabead install.
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