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Are LED Jackets legal?

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A friend of mine and I were talking at work and LED lighting projects came up. He showed me one where lights could be added to a jacket to assist in making a turn or braking.

I've seen video's of things like this:

I just don't know if that's legal. I also know it varies from state to state as well. Your thoughts? :?:
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i'll give it a second thought when led's become washable or dry cleanable, but in Florida , funk quickly becomes a major factor in riding gear and circling buzzards add to visibility if a cleaning isn't done.
A flashing motorcycle icon on a cell phone (theirs) would be a treat for improved visibility , anything and everything up to and including flying pink porcupines will help, but nothing will be perfect, people can't even see cars or semi trucks and school buses with strobe lights on them , there's even a video of a slow moving car running in to a slow moving train in broad daylight,

all that said, my nephew, a statie in Fla said no, not illegal, but probably not a good idea to go into the green parrot in Tampa if you are straight whatever that means
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