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Butch said:
I have not been very good at maintaining throttle control in slow moving situations such as parking lots & pedestrian areas & I speed up & slow down instead of maintaing steady speed. I think that the compression braking may be part of my problem .

I was wondering if using the manual mode in this situation would help my problem or if any other members has encountered this situation ?

Any suggestions that you have will be more than welcome. I have no problems in stop and go traffic.

Butch :? :?

You have to get used to rolling the throttle up a bit, and down a bit - rather than closing it entirely. It takes a little getting used to is all. I can handle slow speed riding in auto mode fine. You can lessen compression braking by putting the scooter in manual mode 2nd gear - but fiddling with those buttons really takes more concentration than learning to modulate the throttle better in auto mode. That has been my experience. If manual mode works better for you, no big deal - use it.

The Burgman 650 is really pretty similar to my motorcycle with the amount of engine braking. It just requires a different technique to ride comfortably with it, since it does not have a manual clutch or a true manual transmission.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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