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I've been breaking in my new 400 and started digging through my old riding gear that I had packed away thinking I was done riding. After riding the first day or two I realized that I was getting sunburn on my upper arms where the wind was blowing up my tee shirt sleeves so I got out my storage box and dug out my light weight long sleeve tee shirts that have UV protection built in. They work great and are cooler than wearing tee shirts.

Then I found my trusty old endure multicool. I found these at Lowe's years ago and it is one of the best pieces of riding gear I've ever bought. It is a cooling hat that you can wear like 12 different ways. Here is the Amazon link

You just wet it, shake it out, and it does a great job of keeping your head and neck cool for a couple of hours. It's light weight and doesn't interfere with your helmet. I've also used it in the face covering setup in hard rain to keep some of the sting off my face. Down here in the Florida sun this thing is great. As an added bonus it also works great dry in cold weather.

So I was just curious if anyone else used these or anything similar.
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