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Anyone in South Florida?

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If anyone in the South Florida area would like to get a group together, let me know!

Kenny in Fort Lauderdale
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Hi Kenny,
Nice to meet you today at Broward Motorsports. Glad that you love your new Burgman 650. They called me this afternoon and offered me a pretty good deal on the blue one at the dealership. (Sounded good anyway, I think) However, I would like to ride on one before I make a decision. If you have the time, maybe we could get together for 30 minutes and you could tell me all about your new bike and take me for a short ride. Give me a shout if you are able to do this. 954-462-6889
Craig Puthoff
Ft. Lauderdale
Hi, guys...I live in Deerfield Beach and am thinking about getting a 650....any comments/ideas. Saw one here at Lighthouse wanted full list price...did I hear the word discount in Ft Lauderdale. Maybe can hook up wuth you guys at some point. Joe
[email protected]
Hey Joe. Good to hear from someone else local! :D

I'm not sure what the prices are these days, but I would try to talk them down. No need to pay full price - they're not *that* popular... :wink:

They'll try to get full price, but I'm sure you can do better. Check Powersports in Delray and the one in Davie...

Let me know when you're riding and we'll meet up some time!

Kenny, thanks for your reply. Maybe you can answer a question about this machine. This would be my first scooter and was wondering if the Burgman 650 is a good choice for a new rider or would the 400 be better? Am also considering a Honda Reflex, Helix or Silverwing. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe.... [email protected]
It's a pretty tame machine... no risk of pulling a wheelie or anything like that of course, but it is kind of heavy... I would say that for me it would have been too big as a first bike. I wanted something small when I started out - but then again, I was coming from a 50cc scooter, so I ended up with a Buell Blast. Ironically, it was too small.

I don't see much difference in size between the 400 and 650... I think the difference is small enough that you might as well get the 650 if you can afford it, and if you're looking for something that can go on the highway.

If you are not planning on using it at higher speeds, then the 400 will be fine.

I only got the 650 so that I wouldn't later wish I'd gotten the bigger one...

I'm glad I made that decision. I'm sure I'd have wanted the 650 if I didn't have it. Oh- and the electronic variator was the other big reason - and well worth it!

I'm not sure how the 400 rides, but I know I love the 650.

What are you looking for? Something quick, or more for cruising around the beach and that sort of thing?

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Kenny, just want a machine to ride around on, nothing super fast, never going on I95, want comfort and style and enough guts to pull away from a potential problem, so ruled out a 49cc. Maybe a Honda Reflex 250cc is a better choice?? I will never to upgrading this machine, I'm 62 years old and live near the beach so it's just a toy, not serious transportation, but would like to find some folks to go for rides with. Money is not the biggest issue, getting the right bike is. The Honda dealer in Deerfield Beach seems to be much more substantial than the Suzuki guy, the contrast in facilities is like night and day and that could be a factor in Burgman 650/400 vs. Silverwing/Reflex. I don't want to act in haste and repent at leisure. Thanks, Joe
It definitely sounds like a smaller bike would be fine for you. Perhaps you should look at the difference in comfort between them. Also, if you are planning longer trips, a larger one would be better... more suited for touring... look at storage, etc... but if you're just gonna cruise the beach, A1A, etc., then from my past experience on a 49cc, I can tell you that smaller is more fun, but too small means you can't get out of the way... :wink:

250 should be fine if you're not planning on doing any highways...

There are so many factors to consider... :roll:

You're smart for not being hasty!

Kenny, thanks, I'm getting close and hope to have something in my garage, right after the new year. Have a happy. Joe

By My Flex!!!

In Miami

I'm in Miami if anyone want sot ride sometime, let me know.

Have you ever come up to Fudruckers on Fridays in Ft. Lauderdale? Last time I was there there were 3 650's there, and that was missing one...

Southern Gulf Coast of Florida

While they are on gulf coast side of Florida, you may want to check on a friend of mine's scooter club. Ft.Myers Scooter Club ride often and allow motorcycles in their group. Provided those motorcycles are on the quiet side, that is.

Click on the pic to go to their YahooGroup
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friday fudrukers

No, I've not made it up there. I've heard about it but havent been. I've heard they also get toghether here in Miami but not sure when.

I would be up for a cruise down to Miami beach some time... I'd probably come down on Federal... Are you near there, or would you want to meet up some time?

Rider in Florida

Hi, just joined Burgman USA. In Michigan summers, & Florida Winter. Located ar exit 123 I 75 at Estero Fl. Rode 650 12,000 miles in 9 months, expect to have 16,000 when a year old. I'm the newest member "Long Time Rider" Wayne Nichols. Mayby we con get together sometime.

Welcome to the Forum! Whew, you are certainly racking up the miles! I trust they have all been enjoyable.
I plan on driving from New Jersey to the Ft. Lauderdale Miami area in August, Will be going on a cruise and after that will stay around for a extra 4 to 5 day. I am thinking of getting a trailer to bring my Burg down but so far the prices of trailers I have seen will probably make me leave the Bike at home, paying upwards of $800 just to use as a one time thing is a bit high. If I do decide to get a trailer I sure will let the Fl riders know and maybe can ride together around the area.
burg650 said:
I am thinking of getting a trailer to bring my Burg down but so far the prices of trailers I have seen will probably make me leave the Bike at home, paying upwards of $800 just to use as a one time thing is a bit high.
Have you thought of renting a trailer to carry the burg? Uhaul has one specifically for carrying motorcycles. You might be able to locate other places that rent acceptable trailers too.
South Florida Burgman

Hi, Kenny. Fort Myers Fl. Is my home. Now spending time in Michigan. Rode the 650 I-75 most the way, dodging rain. Going back I plan to enjoy a longer, more enjoyable route. Maybe make it into a 2000 mi. trip. Sometime in late Sept. We have a Wed. morning breakfast group in San Carlos. Then we ride for lunch, then get home for supper. I'm at the other end of the Alley and it's only 90 ,in. for me to get across. Let me know if we can meet somewhere. Long time rider.
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