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live life to the fullest but be careful

I'm a nurse. I don't work on the clinical side anymore, but I did critical care nursing for over 7 years.

I've seen both types of people: Those who are incredibly health conscious and careful, but get sick/hurt anyway; and those who really don't care and are even reckless at times.

I think somewhere in the middle is where someone should live. Noone should tell you, Stormsteed, what to do.

Do a careful examination of what "value" riding a bike will add to your life - fantastically fun enjoyment and great transportation.

Consider who (besides yourself) will deal with the consequences of a bad wreck, and remember that many things are worse than death - paralysis, etc.

And lastly, make a decision and don't give a **** what others think about the decision - that includes if you decide to not ride a bike. There are many other ways to add fun to life besides riding a bike, many much safer. But in the end, it's entirely your decision.

Just my opinion. Scares me when I sound so much like my 83 year old father - who, by the way, does not care for the fact that I ride a bike when I have a wife and 3 kids under age 5 at home! Yet he doesn't push me on it and I don't really give a **** if he did.

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