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Any thoughts regarding a few different model years

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Hi folks,
Been looking at crowding up my garage and picking up another big bike.
Had some health issues so struck out on a couple early on but I'm looking again.
Current thoughts are a 2018 with ~11-12k, a 2012 with ~9k, & a very low mile 2011 as well as half an eye on a newish Ak550.
As I recall there's no difference mechanically between 2011 and 2012, but the most expensive of the burgers, the 2018 is a different beast.
TBH I'm somewhat inclined to the 2011 depending on a few things, but SWMBO makes the valid point that the 2018 is enough newer that in 5-10 years parts may be less of an issue.

Any thoughts?
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Welp I picked it up, & then got wind that the AK had dropped to the price I'd have bought it at initially.
Sounds like it was meant to be. Need to order a few parts now including a fresh set of tires.
The place he had working on it put on Pirelli Angels. The rear's a bit small and they don't have the sidewall appropriate for the bike. Basically. The wrong tires. It rides OK but I don't want to load it up with those on it.

If someone does want to know where to get an almost new AK with about every farkle imaginable with it (some assembly required but not much) It's in Seattle though, & private party.
DM me if interested. I can hook ya up.
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OK folks.
A few were curious what I meant about the AK having less legroom.

It's not fatal.
I could adjust to it fairly quickly.
Had I picked up the AK I probably would have removed the butt stop, which probably would have gotten most of it.
The AK's a great bike. If I'd heard the price change before I bought the Burgman I'd probably have bought it instead.

Here's the pics.

If you look you can see how the Big Burger just follows the line for the floorboard, & the AK has that bump.
The difference isn't horribly extreme since the seats are placed differently as well, but it is there enough that I noticed it. My impression was based off about a half hourish ride both in town and on the freeway and down a couple exits, so not a lot of time to get used to it. Maybe if I'd shifted around a bit more...

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