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Rally Touring fans,

I'm thinking about taking the plunge and adding a dirt bike to my stable. I had thought initially about a 250, but a I don't really intend to motorcross and have more "adventure touring" type activities in mind, I was thinking of an Africa Twin XVR750, or an R1150GS Adventure.

The BMW weighs 260kgs, so would be much more of a handful on the dirt than the 210kg Honda. Similarly, the R1150GS costs 50% more, and although it does put 78bhp to the tarmac versus the XVR750s 50bhp I don't think I'd miss that on dirt, but would enjoy having 50kgs less to carry around.

I test rode the R1150 Adventure, and thought very highly or it. Didn't think so highly of the price - 16,000 USD is equivalent to

Has anyone out there ridden or owned an Africa Twin?
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