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I'm in need of some assistance from Portland, Oregon Burgman 400 owners...

NONE of the Suzuki dealerships around here have any in stock, and NO ONE seems interested in getting one in. One dealer says they were burned last year by buying too many Burgman 400's an not being able to sell them, another says they can't get any in... Regardless, I want to see one, touch one, and sit on one... I've got a place that will order for me but don't want to do so without having sat on one and judging for myself of the seating position is comfortable or not, and seeing if my (rather large) full face helmet will fit under the seat.

Is ANYONE in the Portland, Oregon who has a Burgman 400 willing to let me stop by and visit to see your scooter so I can decide if it's the right one for me?

Please reply to this site...

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