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Here's the (rough) translation by Babelfish :

Yamaha X-max 250
19/05/05 - To surprise, just in the heart of the season to arrive one here decidedly interesting innovation from Yamaha. Unfortunately, and we answer to who has already interrogated us in such sense, has not been still offered the possibility to us of a test on road, these first considerations are therefore relative to the analysis ' bidimensionale' of the single folder prints.
Draft of a 250cc sure innovative, rising of trait of union between the classic 250 Majesty and the irriverente Versity 300, picking the positive aspects you of both and with obvious callbacks to best seller Tmax 500, not only in the name.
What it leaves astounded more is a sottosella therefore capiente: two not only fall integral and, with one spinning line therefore and sbarazzina. In more the posterior wheel sure it is not reduced for this purpose, be a matter itself of a 14"with tire of generous dimensions and the saddleback is not not even high from earth: 785mm that they are little more of Majesty 250 and less of Versity 300. ' trucco' it has been in being left over the space baggages, to partial discapito of the tunnel, but to all advantage of the distribution of the weights, also R-a.pieno.carico.
To this purpose, Yamaha declares a balance of weights 42-58%, front and posterior, very more corrected of the average of the competitor and had to the advance of radiator, tank fuel and battery.
Wide space sottosella and ciclistica cure ' svelano' the ispiratore plan of X-max: to propose one scooter from the being involved guide without to renounce to the facilities of one scooter ' comfort'.
In order to clear the ciclistico context better we add: front wheel from 15 inches, Disc brakes from 267 and 240mm, dragged hinge staple and double posterior, adjustable shock-absorber. In order to complete the picture equipment we say instead that according to space it is present in the retroscudo, than the instrumentation complete of display is digita them multifunction, than the cupolino steering integral of the comfortable cuffs and that the passenger enjoys wide handles, retractable footrests them and one saddleback nearly online with the pilot.
To move all it thinks a single cylinder propeller to us, Euro 2, from 249,78cc, fed to carburetor and cooled to liquid, evolution of that one used sul Majesty 250, nei it confronts goddesses which loses but something in terms of power and brace: 14,8kW to 7.500 turns and 20,8Nm to 6.250 turns. The weight of 164kg gl' does not prevent to catch up the declared maximum speed of 125km/h.
If the name strizza the eye to the Tmax, also the aesthetic considerations cannot not evidence a clear reference to the best seller of the moment, in particular notice the reproposition of ' boomerang' color silver, musetto with the double beacon and above all fortunate yellow coloration. Some ' customer' of the rivendicano Tmax then the idea of the shackles ' tagliati', sign that the center Yamaha style does not let to escape sure indications ' from the strada'.
In conclusion the price: 4,290 Euro that is little more than offered how much from the agguerrita competition and much less than other pretenziosi 250cc. X-max 250 it will be in sale from first of june.
It does not remain to us that 'to ignite a cero' in the hope that Yamaha soon offers the possibility to us to test it on road, while tarlo us question: why they will not have never used the motor 264cc of the Versity?
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