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billmeek said:
I read some too. Found one I'm not sure is correct :

"When riding in a group it is far more important to put your most qualified/experienced/prepared rider in the drag position than it is to put that person in the lead. This person is, after all, the first person who will need to deal with an accident, is in the best position to observe the riding skills of the others and recommend changes to accommodate them if need be, and is the person that most often obtains that new lane for the group. That's plenty of activity and responsibility, and merits the best, not the worst of the group."

The ride lead is the one that determines the road ahead is safe. The lead also signals the group for the formations they need to make (single file, staggered). The ride lead is alos watching the riders, but doing it from the front. I'd rather have the most experienced trying THAT. The drag position is notmally filled by the second most experienced rider. I think that arrangement is logical.
Oh Bill - this is an exercise in pedantry surely! :wink:

The point is you do not want a greenhorn at the back - the most experienced or the second or third most experienced YES put them at the back and rotate the lead among the experienced with the best comms.
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