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I also had a higher speed (75 indicated) wobble when I 1st put my C/T on my 650. Kinda like is was losing traction, the same as a new M/C tire. The problem was much less so with a passenger on back (80-85 Indicated).

I remember that when I put a new front, and rear M/C tire on at the same time, the bike felt like I was riding on a greased road for the 1st. few dozen miles.

It usually takes a 100 miles or so to "scrub-in" a new M/C tire, but seems to take almost 500 - 1,500 miles to scrub my C/T.

The rake angle also plays a part, as my '03 is less than an '05 and up. The steering head bearings are also critical, even more so with a C/T.

Don't rush it, a M/C tire is sportier ride, an C/T is more for touring. It is a different beast.
While from another post, I believe it still applies Car tire (Dark Side) EXPERIENCES ONLY

Let us know the result when you get the head bearings adjusted.
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