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Went to KFC tonight to get a bucket of Original and some wings for the wife. The manager, a middle aged woman saw me putting the chicken in the Burgie and ran over from dropping off an order at the drivethrough.

Seems her husband believes if it ain't a Harley, it ain't a motorcycle. When she started riding, she took the safety course but from the begining she hated the shifting. She said she flunked the class the first time around because she never knew how to shift, not even a stick shift car.

"Just when she got the hang of shifting, she hated the weight of the bike. She told her husband she wanted a bike about the size of what was at the safety course, but instead she has the huge bike, an 883 HD. Yes, I know, it's the small one, but for a person that hasn't ridden much, it's pretty big.

So she was in disbelief when she saw the burgman 400. She asked me no less than 5 times. "Now let me get this straight, there is NO shifting, right?" I said "Yes, no shifting, enough room for a laptop and some chicken, 95MPH, and it cost less than your beloved 883 too. She said "My husband put saddlebags on my 883 but it still doesnt have any room on it. I hate my 883. I love this." I let her sit on it and she just fell in love right there.

Just like I always said, half of the deal is getting people educated about these superscoots. They sell themselves!!!
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