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Another 3 pass blast Saturday, June 15, 2013

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Saturday, June 15, 2013 Meet Up is doing a ride for those that do not want to go on their Iron Butt 1000 mile ride that day. Meet up in Woodinville WA, ride Stevens Pass to Wenatchee WA, over to Yakima WA, up Hy 12 to Chinook Pass and back to Woodinville WA. About 400 miles and 8 hours with stops. Looks like 5 riders, Daboo is one as am I. ... &_af=event
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Daboo and I may just cancel the group ride with them and go on our own.

Any one else?
If we meet in Monroe, I can gas up there. Breakfast at Patty's Egg Nest. If the plan is to go to Blewett Pass then down to Ellensburg to Yakima, I can gas up in Yakima. Lunch at Miners. A Miner Burger and a bag of fries. Hardening of the arteries in a sack. :D

But if the plan is to go to Wenatchee then down around the Gorge at George and back to Ellensburg thats 192 miles, close to my 200 mile range. The wind in the Vantage to Ellensburg area is a bear and last time I tried it on my Burgman my top speed was 45 MPH because it was blowing me sideways off the road. Even the Semi Trucks were passing me. :shock: I'd perfer to pass on that trip.
Desert Rat said:
Hope you have time to take some pictures. :roll:
There will be time made just for that. The problem is Daboo has a special filter for his camera that filters the rain out of his pictures, and the foreigners think it never rains up here, so they all buy up all our houses at twice market value. Not bad if your selling your home.
Mike, we'll save some for ya. Dang Foreigners. :twisted:
Desert Rat said:
Last Friday it was 114 so 105 is nice. 8)
From your high to our high thats a 60+ degrees drop. Bring your parkas and hand warmers. Our mornings have been 49ish for my commute. 114 - 65 = BURRRRR
Well it looks like its just Chris and I. We will meet up in the city of Monroe WA for breakfast at 07:00 AM. If anyone else wants to ride, meet us at Pattys Egg Nest on the east side of town just off State Route 2 around 7AM. It should be a nice warm ride in the 80's. It will be really chilly at the top of Stevens pass in the morning, dress in layers.

May do lunch at Yakima Training Center. I spent two years there as the communications chief. I know about every MSR (Military Service Road) and FSR (Fire Service Road) in and round that place. Or maybe Miners restaurant in Union Gap (yes Gary Puckett was from Union Gap WA)

I just about 30 minuets ago split off with Daboo, he has 50 + miles to go to get home. There were 1000's of bikes out, 99% of them waved or gave the two fingers down sign. He took lots of Pictures.
I left my house at 5:30 AM, rode up to the meet point only to find that location is closed. Waited at Starbucks for Daboo and we went to Dennys. After potty breaks it was sidestands up and ride, Stevens pass. Quick stop in Leavenworth (German town) then Blewett pass and around Ellensburg to Canyon Road to Yakima and stopped at Miner's for a burger and frys. GET THE SMALL FRY's. Daboo took a picture of my burger with three US quarters next to it, it dwarfed the quarters. My eldest sister met up with us and Daboo and her chatted like they have known each other for years. Gassed up at Costco, 3.419 gallons @ $3.599 at 185 miles. That's 54 MPG. Not bad considering I had to keep up with Hotrod Chris.

I bet Daboo is washing the bug crap off his bike. We killed a lot of bugs.
Someone needs to post "This topic is worthless without Picutres". Daboo took some. :D
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