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Discussion Starter #1 is currently on Craigslist. The seller is hilarious! I flagged it "Best of craigslist". I think other Burgfolk will enjoy it as well.

I know eventually the listing will time out, or a buyer will come along and the seller has promised to delete the ad, so here is the Ode in its entirety:

Nashville Craigslist seller said:
An Ode to the 'Scoots'

Oh how I love my Kymco People 150.
She was purchased in an effort to be thrifty.
At 80 MPG I was happy with my savings,
With still enough power to satisfy speed cravings.
She'll cruise clean at 60, even 70 downhill.
On a 250 lb vehicle that's a decent little thrill.
I laid her down last month, when I tried to stop too fast.
The brakes are in great condition if you were going to ask.
Thanks to that incident she's not without scratch,
I'd argue it adds character. Disagree? You're not a match.
There's a windshield I'll throw in; I took it off to feel the breeze,
Her faded crème vintage housing brings most hiptsers to their knees.
She's got a fresh oil change, and her carbs were just checked.
The title's clean with just two owners; she hasn't seen neglect.
You can look just like James Bond with his infamous Martini,
Since women prefer to ride the Scoots when they're donning a bikini.
Vintage scooters in this town are always in high demand,
I bought her on Craigslist in 2010 for a cool 2 grand.
Two years later, more than fair, all I want is $1,700,
This way my next purchase will be entirely self-funded.
She's still quite young, we took it easy, only 8,500 miles on the ground
Got a fatty for a girlfriend? No problem! She holds well over 300 lb.
Want to buy her? Call or text me, if this ad is still live:
Six One Five - Eight Seven Nine -- Forty Five Zero Five
No more rides with her at night; I get a little misty,
Oh how I'll miss my Kymco People 150.
He even worked in the bikini in the photos. Check out the third photo with his clearly embarrassed girlfriend. :)

(Moderators: I thought about putting this in Jester's Court also. Move it if you think it fits better there.)

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That ad is awesome. Those tires are way too skinny to have to stop quickly. I looked at one that also happened to be put down in a panic stop situation. That model is an accident waiting to happen IMHO. Love the girlfriend's face in the bikini photo. Best bike ad I've seen on craigslist- way too much cash for the asking price due to the condition.

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And he doesn't have a fatty for a girl friend ! That's for sure @!
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