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Stormsteed said:
Is that your gallery? Why not reference it in your signature. It has a lot of interesting pics.
Yep. It's mine. Most of the pics are from Suzuki marketing materials. They haven't been altered with any logos like a lot of copies I've seen. I stuck them in seperate gallery since they take up 90 meg of space and if several people go thru them all, that's a lot of bandwidth. Figured I'd save the BurgmanUSA website the data transfer since the domain my gallery is on hardly has any usage.

I haven't really though about adding the link to my signature. (I'll do that after this post.) I thought my signature was long enough as is. :) I did post post links to the gallery in the 'Photos' forum. Guess not too many saw'em.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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