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Am I missing much not getting a motorcycle?

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I am new to riding as I will be taking my rider safety course this spring then getting my licence. I am trying to figure out what to ride. I have seen the threads about working your way up through the cc's when riding a motorcycle just to go from larger to smaller bikes as you get older. Being 50 I guess my need for speed differs from that of a 20 year old. I never really considered a scooter until I came across some forums dedicated to scooter riding such as this one. I want to be able to do long distance touring with my wife and so am looking at the Burgman 650 executive. But then my wife might want her own down the road so would look at the 400 or 300's. Obviously want something that can easily do highway speeds.

I guess am I going to be missing something if I go straight to a scooter and not get a motorcycle? Should I get a motorcycle, experience that then get a scooter if I still want one? Or should I just get one off the bat and not worry about a motorcycle? I know there are people who have ridden motorcycles then switched to scooters, or ride both so looking for their advice. Also my local Suzuki dealer has a 2010 Burgman 650 executive I can get for about $9110.00. I was wondering is it worth waiting for the 2013 model 650 with the new upgrades or would the 2010 be a good buy? Thanks for all your assistance, I look forward to being a member of the group.

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are you missing anything by going to a scooter and not getting a motorcycle, well, yes, several thousand clutch compressions with your left hand, a couple of possibly terrifying and certainly embarrassing, dang ;wrong gear moments, a few now I gotta buy storage cause I can't haul my breath on this thing thoughts, some serious depreciation when you drop it and you will, and some when you sell it and you will eventually especially if you plan to get or ride a scooter later A little wish I got better gas mileage action if you get a truly worthy beast like a goldwing and lots of trips to the dentists if you get a vibromachine like a hardley some fresh and interesting hemmoroids from dragging around the heavier big bikes and cold feet and legs or burnt feet and legs depending on which model you choose but they look cool , but not cool enough to get you nevermind , your wifey will swat me if I say anything other than apple pie
Now as to the Burgmans, no they will not get yo any apple pie either, only my inherent coolness does that and I could ride a gopher tortoise and still be cool but that is beside the point. The 650 and the 400 may look the same and the weight is not all that much different but the tranny makes them as different as man and woman, er, differenter if wifey is amenable to a 400 down the road I'd suggest getting her bike first, learn on a 400 then move to a 650 if you think it's necessary but ride both and check out the different trannys first before investing and elephant pile of money in a 650, there are a buttload of used 650;s on the market out there, few 400's this tells me people are willing to let go of a 650 but finding a used 400 is like mining for gold in gumball machine with a road grader and finding one at a reasonable price at a stealership is another indication of their scarcity and value , hey not just my opinion, the market bears what the market will bear. A little research into the 400 may show it has more capabilities than you thought. No you are not going to smoke the tires on a 400 or a 650 but they both will get up to killing speed much more quickly than you anticipated. And if your wifey is going to be on a 400 why do you want to be gulping fuel faster on a 650 when you have to putt along at 45 mph with her getting 60 mpg on her 400 unless you plan on hauling weight enough to require another 250 ci just to compensate, dude get a uhaul or is the 650 for hauling testicles? go for it , all us 400 riders know the 650 guys are compensating :lol: :lol:
so anyhow welcome , this is a great source of information lies and laughs and if you can figure out which, you are doing good :)
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anybody can walk around a little while and accidentally step on the end of his pee pee before his first cup of coffee and post something that could have been better thought out, I expect even I will someday do it :lol: I am sure MoMule meant no ill and was just defending the 650 as a choice, and I admit if I had a little better self control I might be tempted to get the 650 myself but my ma said don't give kids dynamite, dad just whacked us (jk)
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