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Am I missing much not getting a motorcycle?

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I am new to riding as I will be taking my rider safety course this spring then getting my licence. I am trying to figure out what to ride. I have seen the threads about working your way up through the cc's when riding a motorcycle just to go from larger to smaller bikes as you get older. Being 50 I guess my need for speed differs from that of a 20 year old. I never really considered a scooter until I came across some forums dedicated to scooter riding such as this one. I want to be able to do long distance touring with my wife and so am looking at the Burgman 650 executive. But then my wife might want her own down the road so would look at the 400 or 300's. Obviously want something that can easily do highway speeds.

I guess am I going to be missing something if I go straight to a scooter and not get a motorcycle? Should I get a motorcycle, experience that then get a scooter if I still want one? Or should I just get one off the bat and not worry about a motorcycle? I know there are people who have ridden motorcycles then switched to scooters, or ride both so looking for their advice. Also my local Suzuki dealer has a 2010 Burgman 650 executive I can get for about $9110.00. I was wondering is it worth waiting for the 2013 model 650 with the new upgrades or would the 2010 be a good buy? Thanks for all your assistance, I look forward to being a member of the group.

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JMHO; I'd spend half that for a good used 650 and spend the rest on a motorcycle and enjoy both. It all depends on "what you want".

I have a 03 Burgman 400, and a Honda ST1100. Everytime I start feeling that it doesn't get any better than my ST, I get back on the Burgman and the Honda is parked for the next 2 or 3 weeks. Most of my riding is a commute around Houston (literally get to go around it) in medium traffic. My recreation riding varies from running around town because I'm bored to "day" trips somewhere for lunch (when I'm lucky enough to have the time). I will say that if the trip is under 150-200 miles it's a toss up as to which I take. Above that is a no-brainer - that's where the ST excells - 7.4 gallon tank; 45+ mpg, and how fast did you want to go again?.

You should be able to get a good used Burgman 650 for about $5K +/-. Then buy a PC800 or such (there are many bikes that are good highway cruisers) for about $3K and other than loosing garage space - you win in both categories. The only reason I didn't suggest the ST is that it's 100hp and could be a handful in a new riders hands (plus it's 600+ lbs.). I bought mine for under $3K, but was VERY lucky and do most of my own work (and it needed some TLC).

Honestly, for a new rider at 50 (I'm 51), I would suugest getting a good used Burgman and going from there (I'd even consider a 400). You can always buy something else if you want, but seriously as far as the experience goes the only thing you miss when riding a Burgman over a motorcycle is shifting gears.
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dbk23 said:
Also the 2010 I am taking about is brand new on the dealership floor with no km on it.
I don't know about Canada, but here they are advertised between $8999 and $9999 on cycletrader for the 2012 Exec.

osbornk said:
I would buy a used 400 to learn to ride on. DON'T BUY NEW because you're going to drop it and it hurts more when you drop a new bike in the gravel in a parking lot. The 400 is easier because it is lighter and has a lower seat. After you master the 400, you might choose to upgrade to a 650 but many of us prefer the 400.
The main reason I would recommend a used Burgman. All it will take is one little oopsss to take a few $K off the value of a new bike (if not more)! And if you decide it's not for you, somebody else has already paid for the depreciation! It sure beats paying for it yourself :)
Reference to the 400 on a highway. I wouldn't hesitate to take a Burgman 400 on any but the fastest highways (some in Texas here are Speed Limits of 85 - I wouldn't do that - I might even avoid them on my motorcycle - too much happens too fast {in a cage :D }). Mine goes on our regular speed limit 70 interstates all the time and doesn't have any issues "keeping up".
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