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Always in drive?

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Since I do not own a Burgman 650, nor are any in stock at nearby dealers , I find myself asking some pretty basic questions about the model. I always appreciate replies that I receive.Just trying to learn all I can about the model before purchase.

My questions are: Is the Burgman 650 always in "drive" while running?
Or is there a neutral position, while it could idle?
Will it idle on the center stand or sidestand?? Or must both be "up"?

Maybe common knowledge on these questions with current owners, but can't seem to find the answers for myself.... Dennis :wink:
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The 650 will idle because the CVT doesn't start pulling till around 1200 rpm's. It always seems to feel like it wants to go though. It will not run with the side stand down. There is an automatic stop. It will run while on the center stand.
Starting up a 650 on the center stand, especially when cold (high idle) will start the rear wheel spinning and the speedometer will do 5 mph while racking up miles.

There is no neutral on the 400 or 650. The 650's clutch will engage quite suddenly at about 1800 rpm by means of a centrifugal clutch. The clutch will transfer all engine power at 3300 rpm's.
I learned to apply short bursts of throttle to do slow speed maneuvering.

The centrifugal clutch on the 400 has a gradual torque increase starting at about 2000 and can begin to creep along at 2 mph with a rider on it.
Does the 650 get any easier to push around with engin off when belt is worn in some, I find mine hard to move backwards, need a reverse :?:
Temperature is about freezing, is it easier to move when 60-70 deg. Just moved it in my basement so i dont have to go out side to look at it 8)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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