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Randy said:
Nice scoot ! will be interesting to see what a 150 cc brings dollar wise.
That MSRP has to be a bad joke. :(
That picture is exactly the same as the Chinese Velux. According to the owner of the one that was at Scootercade, it sells for approximately $3,800 with all options included. The option list includes the folding top, 4 speaker stereo, alarm system, and a key fob that will start/stop the scooter remotely & activate/deactivate the alarm system remotely.

MSRP $9500 without options? I don't think so. Someone is looking to make some fast bucks. It will be "for sale for a limited time" because the seller will be going into hiding as soon as a buyer finds out what that scoot actually should have cost...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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