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Hey there Burgy 650 owners!!! I'm trying to decide between the two (the other a Silverwing) and want to get some rider feedback from some of the forums.
Anyway, if any of you guys/girls have any pros/cons regarding the 650 please let me know. I'm planning on only buying 1 ride and I want to make sure I get it right the first time. I know Honda's been at it longer, but the Suzuki can't be far behind. So build qulaity, reliabilty and fit/finish are some of my concerns as well as the usual stuff (comfort, power, etc.) My gut says go 650, but I need a little more guidance. I'm sure I will get some biased opinions since it's a Burgman site, but I've read some of the posts and I really appreciate any of the feedback you guys provide.

Thanks and Happy Holidays.
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Well you're probably right about getting biased opinions here. The Burgman is a geat machine, but I have no experience with the Silverwing as Honda Canada is still not bringing it to the Canadian Public.
I test drove the silverwing and the burgman before I bought my burgman.

The burgman had more power, and was more comfortable for me. I'm 6'0" tall and 300 lbs.

It's less work and more fun to ride than my last 2 bikes a 650 yamaha and an 883 sportster. Other than the windsheild being too short I dont have any complaints.
Most of us went through the decision making between the Silverwing and the Burgman. One test drive, or even just one look will tell you which is the right one - starts with B :D

i have owned, harley-davidsons, yamahas, kawasaki and suzukis. you could not give me a honda. the two i rode seemed more like appliances than motorcycles. the 650 burger has soul.
I looked at both and purchased the Burgman. The silverwing seemed visually to be much smaller and did not seem as comfortable. The glove box areas on the Silverwing although painted body color seemed very flimsy and the storage area did not seem to be as roomy as the Burgman. In reviews I have read performance is about the same on both. The Burgman has larger wheels and visually especially from the front looks more impressive for my tastes. I am 53 and have had motorcycles since I was 15. This is the first scooter I have owned and the fact that from the front anyway it still looks more like a motorcycle helped. The last bike I had was a 2001 Triumph Bonneville and the performance is close. the comfort, storage, wind protection and looks sold me on the Burgman.
I also looked at the SilverWing and the Burgman 650. I liked the ABS of the SW but it just didn't feel right sitting on it. I am a long time mc owner and rider. I figured both would be reliable so it was a matter of comfort, performance and value. I have a dealer nearby that let's you test drive.
After testing both, it was no contest. All I can say is that whenever I ride the Burgman, I always smile.

However, since I'm in the middle of aNothern hio Lake effect snow storm, the riding will be slightly delayed.

Hey! Snowstorm riding is good practice for when the weather gets bad.
ajwood said:
Hey! Snowstorm riding is good practice for when the weather gets bad.
You mean riding in the snowstorm isn't bad?
Whats worse than a snowstorm? :lol: Oh wait maybe a Tornado :? Glad we don't have those things up here. I would rather have the snow.

Very cold blowing snow is best because it doesn't stick to clothes, gloves or the road.
I enjoy riding on cold squeaky snow because that means there isn’t Black Ice underneath that could yank the bike away from me and that I can stop.
Practice in snow and you'll be surprised at your abilities.
Following a plow, cinder/salt truck is no fun.

It may seem too cold to ride but after 45 minutes your body will adjust.
There will be parts of you that will stay cold but that's part of the exhilaration factor.
Stopping at a traffic light draws much attention too.

When the snow is warm, it’ll collect on tires, fenders and clothes. I time my rides into the night so that the snow will freeze solid onto my clothes then break off.

Riding with frozen water and snow on a jacket insulates it from cold wind.
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