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got problem with my alarm installation need help please

first let s have a see on the manual installation and the burgman electric diagram

here there is the manual of the alarm and the burgman s electric diagram, where you can see indicated the position of the cable i have use

so me i taked this alarm from another burgman, i tried to make the same installation, for the left handle, normaly all the installation is good.
the problem is with the right handle.
i explain myself:

when i take off the alarm from the old scooter, i found this with the right handle;
from the commodo
-the orange white cable of engine stop switch, cuted in the midle, and the side from the brooch was removed; the other side was connected to an alarm cable.

-the orange black cable of engine stop switch, naked on the midle

from the alarm

- one black cable connected to the orange black
- another black cable with a piece of the orange white cable connected on him, the extremity was connected to nothing ( probably had to be connect to the other piece of the orange white cable which stays on the commodo)
- a third cable connected to nothing, not naked, probably not used.

what i ve done:
connect the naked black cable to the orange black, and the orange white to the other orange white

result: the alarm is working but not good. i mean when i activate that work good, (one or too bip, i forget)
when i desactivate, 4 BIP (problem)
and that sound 30 seconde after activating

my opinion is a problem with the + AFTER CONTACT

chec signal is on like i have pushed the engine motor switch.

good to know: i have a problem with the electric mirrors on my scooter, they not works, maybe it s because of the fuse. ( if you know the position of the fuse, it s good to know for me)

thanks all for your help and sorry for my english hah

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i have no electrical knowledge and no french skills so, I hope somebody out there, can give you a hand.

regarding to the manual, Je ne comprend pas!
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