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After extensive researching, I may have found the answers I've been looking for but would like for someone to comment, if at all possible.

Regarding the front headlights, I've found that each of the two front headlights has has three posts/wires on its connector:

1. A black wire with a solid white stripe on it: ground (-)
2. A white wire with a golden/brown dotted stripe on it: low beam (+)
3. A yellow wire with a golden/brown dotted stripe on it: high beam (+)

Regarding the front turn signals, well, there are only two wires to each, and one of them is black with a white stripe, so presuming that the black with white stripe wire is ground (-), the other has to be the power (+).

If anyone has ANY information, either to the contrary or in support of my findings, I would dearly appreciate a reply...

(Original post follows)

Hello all! Long time lurker, first time poster...

Purchased my Burgman 400 in June 2004. Use it for commuting to work (6 mile round trip) on dry days, and for weekend tours. Managed to tip it over on the very first day I owned it (DOH!) and have lived with the scratches along the lower left leg shield as well as on the left side of the center shield. For the past year they've been mocking me every time I look at the scooter, so I decided it was time to treat it to a facelift.

Last week I found that professional paint repair was too expensive as compared to ordering brand new replacement panels, so I managed to carefully remove the two scratched panels and have ordered new ones upon the recommendation of others here at BurgmanUSA forums. It saved me a bunch. THANKS! :D

So, while I have the front plastic off of my scooter I thought I'd take this opportunity to install a motorcycle alarm. I know there are lots of opinions about whether they do any good, but I am determined to install one while I have the chance. I'm not likely to want to remove the plastic panels again just to do this.

Unfortunately I don't have enough info about the wiring of my 2004 Burgman 400 to do the job completely. Obviously I can manage the battery connections.. :cool:

I plan to mount the thing up front (basically behind the headlights) I'll have ready access to the headlight and turn signals, so I can tap into those wires pretty easily. But which wires?

What I specifically need is the following:

Which wire is the power (+) wire for the front headlight?
Which wire is the power (+) wire for the front left turn signal?
Which wire is the power (+) wire for the front right turn signal?

Does anyone have any access to technical or wiring diagrams? If so, can you help out a fellow Burgman-man so I can do this myself? I'd sure hate to have to have a garage do it, and I'd love to be able to take advantage of the plastic panels being off the scoot to do it now.

Thanks so much in advance!!!
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