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Looking for another Executive!
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I wish I had an auto mechanic like you!

I work for a small auto repair shop and am saving for a Burg 650...may end up with a 400 for financial reasons...we have had DOZENS of technicians in the last year...all with ASE certs and claiming to be "the best"...needless to say we are hiring again. I would give my eye teeth for a master tech like you! We have a great service writer but that just ain't cuttin' it! I can't make more money until we get the income up so the longer it will take to get the Burg...bummin!

I'm sorry about you not being able to wrench for a living anymore but as service manager at least you still have your hands in it...AND you are still alive and able to ride. I think the Burg in automatic mode will be fine... I wanted a "real" bike but hubby is against me riding anything so I'm working on him for the Burgman. (I wouldn't tell him that I would prefer it to a motorcycle due to severe tendonitis in my right hand!) He thinks it is a compromise! :wink:

I'll be anxiously awaiting your posts about servicing the Burg since I plan to do my own service AFTER going over it with a fine tooth comb prior to riding for the first time. My husband would kill me if I got hurt because of someone elses' carelessness...if I didn't get killed first!

Welcome to the board!

Dee aka ScubaGirl
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