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Riding with my injured wrist


A couple of years ago, I was driving my Geo Metro when I broadsided a pickup truck whose driver decided to ignore his stop sign (I had no stop sign). I smacked right into his driver's door at 20-30 MPH. I had a "death grip" on the steering wheel as I braced myself for the unavoidable collision. Probably because of my death grip and stiffened arms, ligaments tore completely off of two bones in my wrist, resulting in a complete joint separation. It kind of hurt. I wished I had just broken my wrist instead. The healing would have been a whole lot easier and less painful.

In any case, I'm much better now, after having surgery to put my wrist back together without losing too much mobility (lost some range of motion, due to the scar tissue). My wrist still aches now and then, and it especially hurts when driving my car in city traffic (no power steering).

Now for the good news. I have put about 2100 miles on my Burgman 400 since I bought it in July, and I don't recall my wrist ever hurting while riding it - and I've had a couple of 3-4 hour rides. :D Hopefully, you won't have any Burman-induced pain, either.

Ride safe,
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