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I'm on my second trip from West Virginia to North Carolina (about 375 miles) which is a once a month trip due to my job.

I wanted to thank the previous posters for some items that are helping with my comfort level. :p

First I purchased a Airhawk medium cruiser pad which was a big help with the my rear going numb around the 300 mile mark last month.

Second, I cut down the Givi windscreen about 2 inches so I could see over the top and helped with the wind buffeting the back of my head/helmet. FYI, I'm about 6'1" in height. I do think the Givi will be replaced with the stock screen in a few weeks so I can get more air circulation. I was getting hot Sunday even though running 60-70 MPG and the temps were in the low 70's. This was after removing the jacket liner, heavy socks, and switching to lightweight gloves.

Lastly, my low beams went out and the tip of using automotive "9003" bulbs was greatly appreciated. The bulbs are working fine with no other changes to the scooter.

Take care and thanks again for all those who share their info on this forum,

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