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Air cleaner Inspection and Replacement

Another topic in the maintenance dept with once again pics located under allwalk in the Gallery

Inspect every 6000km (4000 miles, 6 months) and
replace every 18000 kms ( 11000 miles, 18 months).

- Open the lockable glove box and remove the air cleaner box lidpicture
-remove the air cleaner element lid (pic aircleaner2)picture This will permit you to access the cleaner element itself picture

-remove the air cleaner element , Inspect the element and O-ring for damage. If any defects are found the element and O-ring must be replaced. picture
- Carefully use air hose to blow dust from the cleaner element.

Always use air pressure on the throttle body side (wire screen) of the element. If air pressure is used on the other side , dirt will be forced into the pores of the element thus restricting air flow through the element.

-Reinstall the new or cleaned element in reverse order of removal

If driving under dusty condition, clean the element more frequently. The surest way to accelerate engine wear is to use the engine without the element or to use a ruptured element. Make sure that the air cleaner is in good condition at all times. Life of the engine depends largely on this component!
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