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Im fortunate to live in central Texas, in the Kerrville area. Lots of 60 degree mild days of sunshine here in the middle of winter. Some beautiful rides within just a few miles of my house. It is 17 miles from my house down hiway 16 to Medina, Texas. Medina is sort of an entry point to 3 of Texas's famous cycling roads. But that little 17 mile ride to Medina has about a 7 to 8 mile stretch of twisties and swoops and has become my own private playground. My Burgy 400 and I travel it often on Monday thru Thrusday. On Friday Saturday and Sunday, hordes of central Texas cyclists are out in force and I leave the road to them on those days. My Burgy handles those twists and curves smoothly and is a joy to ride. Weather permitting, I ride down to Medina and stop at the cafe there for a big Western omelet for breakfast then usually ride back home. Its a nice ride to start the day with.

I recently got the urge to buy a smaller scooter as a stable mate to my Burgy. It is a Yamaha Zuma 50cc two stroke. I have miles and miles of country subdivision roads behind my house with very low population and almost no traffic. These are good asphalt roads and when they were built they followed the contours of the land right up over the tops of the hills and swooping back down to cross the frequent waterways before climbing and twisting again. Just beautiful riding and some beautiful views out over the Turkey Creek basin. And thats where the smaller scooter shines. 40mph is top speed on a long straight-a-way but 30 mph is about all those curves will allow anyway and that little sucker will climb hills like a mountain goat. Both scooters are just a ton of fun on those roads and it is just very relaxing to me to grab either one and put a quick ten miles of twisties and swoopies on them.

Yesterday, I was planning to go down to Medina for Breakfast, riding the 400 of course. But I kept looking at the little red Zuma and figured what the heck, why not. Hit the road on the Zuma and before I got to the hills, I almost got it to full speed of 40mph. No traffic. I love the sound of that little 2stroke when its wrapped up, doing all it can do. No problems with the hills and twisties because in the sharper turns, it can handle them better than a car anyway. The steeper climbs did have me down to 20mph at times. Only two cars passed me on the trip and I didnt hold either of them up. It was an exhillerating ride on the little buzz bomb. When I pulled in and parked in front of the cafe, the owner came out and looked at my little red scooter and asked "did you ride that thang down here?" to which I replied, "Yep". He just shook his head and said, "who do you think you are, Wyatt Earp?" I didnt get the connection between Wyatt Earp and riding a 50cc scooter but being open minded, I took it as a compliment 8) .

So if you, like me, have switched from cycles to big scooters, dont rule out the smaller ones. Im not planning any cross country trips on one (probably) but for close to home buzzing, they are a blast to ride
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