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Aftermarket Mirrors?

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The mirrors suck on the 650, set up kind of like a BMW. Too low to use well. Anyone know a source for aftermarket mirrors? I like the setup on the 400.
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I actually enjoy the mirrors on the 650. After riding my sport bike theres no vibration so the image is clear and the rearward view they provide is fantastic in my humble opinion. I'm 6 ft tall if that means anything in regards to there placement.

I agree with Allan.. Of all the bikes I've had & riden, the Burg's mirrors are the most stable. No fuzzies caused by vibration. At first I was wondering about the low placement....but it works. Makes sense to look under your arms...instead of around your shoulders. Plus they fold easy..which is a feature I use all the time when I put my cover on.


I have the same problem. Adjusting the handle bars helps as well as seat placement. I posted the same question under the "Gripes" section.
What handlebar adjustments are available???
You can put handel bars up or down, I put mine down a little to get them closer, have to take plastic of bars to get at bolts.
Once the covers are removed from the handlebars, and the bars are adjusted, can the covers be put back on? It looks to me like any adjustment would cause the covers to no longer fit right???
I tipped mine down some, and still had lots of room for covers, did not make much difference in clearence
Best mirrors ever

You can see behind you better than any bike I have ever owned. :roll:
i sold my reflex cause the mirrors really sucked and I couldn't see well enogh when someone was directly behind me.

650 mirrors rock !!!!!
csachs1 said:
650 mirrors rock !!!!!
What you said! They are the best.
Blind Spot Mirrors

I purchased a pair of mirrors designed for a Gold Wing. Don't think I got $46.80 worth out of them. I clamped them on to the top of the existing mirrors. I had to reclamp them so they angled out in order to get more coverage than the original mirrors. When the engine vibration settles down and the road is smooth they work pretty good. The mirrors sit on a single mount within the housing and that is what allows them to vibrate at times. They are called Blind spot Mirrors, part # 09405, from
Convex Mirrors?

I like a lot of things about the 650 mirrors, but they do seem to give one a good view of elbows. Of course, you can just lift your elbow a bit and see fine. One thing I am going to look into is maybe adding a 1.5 or 2 inch convex stick-on mirror to the Burger mirrors. That way I might have a wider field of view to help me see there is something there. Of course it is still smart to swivel the head to look to make sure. All vehicles have their blind spots.
Franklin said:
The mirrors suck on the 650, set up kind of like a BMW. Too low to use well. Anyone know a source for aftermarket mirrors? I like the setup on the 400.
I am new to burgmans and I have to say that the burgman mirrors are better than any on any of my previous bikes

Check the Archives and the Accessories Sections. I saw some by a German Co. that attach onto the side of the windscreen. BMW dealer$ $ell them too.
Ye$, zey're expen$ive, vhy el$e vould beemervolk vant zem? They do work well. Those I've seen, the riders swear by. The Pasta Posse, on the other hand, love bar-end mirrors. Either is an option, as neither mount would have the dreaded vibeblur of Brittwin/Hardley fame. One other option is to get the controls off a totaled 400. Mirror mounts and all------The added advantage being; If you change your mind later, you've got solid mounting points for your farkles without the paint eating brake fluid leaks. (see Archives-Accessories-Bitch&Moan-Why my bling, Lord?, for examples.)
One word on the wide angle stick-ons. If you use the rectangular shape you may want to double the 2 sided tape. I had a set split on center, both within a week. Stress?
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One suggestion:Multivex
heres the linky:

BEST in my opinion.

dusty :D
i hate the 400 mirrors. the vibrate and get loose. they look stupid too. i wish 400 had 650 mirrors.
I like the 650 mirrors.
I did go ahead and install 2 inch convex mirrors on the upper outside corner of the 650 mirrors. They don't interfere with the regular use of the mirrors, and I think they help me see blind spots in adjoining lanes. They have been on for about a month now and haven't fallen off or broken or anything.
Any 650 owner wants to swap mirrors with me then?(i ride a 400) Lol....

I kinda like the 650 mirrors and some of you guys actually want the 400's mirror..... well, to each his own... i like the 650s and trying to make my 400 have mirrors like that....
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