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Al Davison said:
Does it get a little faster and maybe better fuel mileage after a while?

What about the brakes? I was probably just short of locking up the fronts but the bike seemed to be a little sluggish on the binders.

The brakes do need to break in. I've had a couple of emergency tire squealing stops on my 650. It will stop **** fast. Remember, this is a 500+ lb machine. That's heavier than a lot of motorcycles. 60 lbs heavier then my 1000cc V-Strom. What impressed me with one of my panic stops, was even though I momentarily locked up a wheel (probably the rear), the scooter stayed nice and straight. I screwed up, but it bailed me out.

The answer to your fuel mileage and performance question is - maybe. If you leave the scooter stock, you'll probably see improvement in both categories. But a lot of folks start adding windscreens and trunks at about the time the machine is broken in. My big windscreen was costing me about 8 mpg, and killing top end performance. My trunk didn't hurt mileage much, but it did knock 8 mph off of the top speed of the scooter. Also, I think that as some people gain confidence with the machine, they tend to wick the throttle up a bit more often, which doesn't help mileage (but might induce more grins per mile).
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