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Added Blazer Horn to 08 Burgman 650

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So, I purchased this horn at Advanced Auto Parts for 19.95.

Used 1 self tapping screw for the hole in the frame where I mounted it (with slight bend in bracket that came with it.

Used wire harnes add-on's and just jumped the wires and soldered them to the horn.

Took longer to figure out if it would fit than to mount it.

Not bad for about an hour and 20 bucks. Both horns work.

Would love air hornes, just didn't have the time to figure out where I could put them.


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Buffalo, I knew there was a reason I posted this here.

Thanks for the heads up! I'll be in search of a relay tonight!

I really appreciate the help
Ok, doing the Relay went a bit longer than I wanted, but worked out great. I got the relay from AutoZone for less than 8 bucks.

Side note: One thing that always made me wonder was why motorcycles run the Ground through the switch. But I digress.

So, as best as I can say it, here is what I did.

Removed top plastic (piece under the handlebars with the small glove boxes on it(6 screws)) and the hump cowling (1 screw). 5 min

I ran hard wires from the battery along the main wiring harness to the horn area. 10 min, because I twisted it.

I jumped the positive going into the relay, to both horns. Then, ran the negative from the battery to the relay (single line).

I reversed the positive and negative directly from the battery on the relay, and made the ground circuit from the horn wiring the actual switch circuit by going to the relay, and then running the switch post to the negative on both horns.

I soldered all connections and painted the liquid electrical tape on the bottom of the relay, so this took me about 30 min.

Sorry if this is hard to follow, but the big thing is switching the negative and positive on the relay, if you wire it like the diagram says, it will not work. Or at least it didn't for me. That whole ground through the switch really made me think outside the box.

Hopefully this write up will help out someone. I totally forgot to take a pic of where I tied in the relay with the plastic off. Had my 5yo daughter in the Garage with me on a makeshift tire swing. So that made it a bit difficult to concentrate on what I was doing.

Good luck to anyone that does this upgrade. I will post up after I lay into the horn for some dumb Memphis TN driver on their cell phone. Happens quite often, so shouldn't be long.
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