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ABS on after Tire Change?

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I trailered my 650 Executive to the dealer last weekend to have new tire put on the Front & Rear. Today was my first chance to ride it since then and I noticed that the ABS light is on and stays "On". Has anyone else seen this after changing tires? I called the dealer and according to them there was nothing out of the ordinary after they changed both tires. So now I have another appointment for next weekend with them. I'm sure I will be charged for any repairs to the ABS. What upsets me is that they are 2 hrs away from me. Is there anything I can do or look for regarding this issue? How close should the sensor be to the face of the ring? Is there a reset somewhere? Can the sensor be adjusted? Is it safe to still ride it?
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I have had the front and back wheels off my AN650K7 here in China and took each one separately to two different car tyre shops to have new tyres fitted. The rear needed changing during a holiday period a few months ago, when the shop across the road from my home was closed so I had to travel 2-3km to that shop. I refitted each wheel myself. No balancing either since car shops here are not set up to handle the diameter of motorcycle rims etc. Not to worry, in the 10+ years I've been in China none of the wheels on the motorcycles (mainly imported bikes) I've here have had wheels balanced and I've not felt or experienced any issues as a consequence. At first I was horrified that getting motorcycle wheels balanced was an issue, but as with TIC I've become accustomed to it. I have one time balanced the rear wire wheel on my XVS1100 Dragstar myself in my garage. What is interesting, is that even with the obvious fragile nature of the ABS ring, I haven't experienced any issues with mine being knocked out of alignment, which is interesting given that they aren't often that careful with items, as I might like. I have however experienced significant problems with over inflation on fitted, and I'm not referring to just a little over inflation either. Now, I don't assume 'the'y know what they are doing, I know they 'don't' and broadly apply this principle this to everything in mainland China.
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