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ABS on after Tire Change?

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I trailered my 650 Executive to the dealer last weekend to have new tire put on the Front & Rear. Today was my first chance to ride it since then and I noticed that the ABS light is on and stays "On". Has anyone else seen this after changing tires? I called the dealer and according to them there was nothing out of the ordinary after they changed both tires. So now I have another appointment for next weekend with them. I'm sure I will be charged for any repairs to the ABS. What upsets me is that they are 2 hrs away from me. Is there anything I can do or look for regarding this issue? How close should the sensor be to the face of the ring? Is there a reset somewhere? Can the sensor be adjusted? Is it safe to still ride it?
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nhbirddog, thank you for the follow up. :thumbup: It sure is good you were smart enuf to search around fix your dealers incompetence before you had to pay them again to fix their mistake. I have to wonder if they would have owned up to mistake and fixed it for free.
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