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ABS on after Tire Change?

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I trailered my 650 Executive to the dealer last weekend to have new tire put on the Front & Rear. Today was my first chance to ride it since then and I noticed that the ABS light is on and stays "On". Has anyone else seen this after changing tires? I called the dealer and according to them there was nothing out of the ordinary after they changed both tires. So now I have another appointment for next weekend with them. I'm sure I will be charged for any repairs to the ABS. What upsets me is that they are 2 hrs away from me. Is there anything I can do or look for regarding this issue? How close should the sensor be to the face of the ring? Is there a reset somewhere? Can the sensor be adjusted? Is it safe to still ride it?
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Rear tire ? Two things : 1 - The speed signal slotted disc was bent a little while working on wheel. So at one location around a turn it moves too far from the ABS speed sensor. Turn the wheel manually and you will see. So straighten it by hand (quite easy). After that you will need to have the computer resetted for this.
2 - Front or rear : The ABS sensor was broken while removing or reinstalling the wheel. Must be replaced and computer resetted.
The sensor must always be removed before the wheel.
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