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I tried not to start a new thread, but for the life of me, I could find no clarification on my issue. I stink at being clear at what I'm getting at or what I'm needing. So, I'm going to try to do better here. I purchased this bike a year ago, at the time of purchase the ABS light was doing the same thing as below. So, I inherited this issue. But I got a great deal on the bike and other than the light on, everything performed very well, so I figured I would deal with it.

Ultimately, what I need to know:

Q1: In order to check ABS codes, is that done by putting the bike in "dealer mode?" Because the service manual I have says to short terminals on the mode select coupler. And it shows this being done, down by the left foot area with the service cover removed. However, that's not where my connector couple is in which I short. Mine is under the seat. In later pages of the service manual it shows various ABS codes as a CXX number. Which leads me to believe the ABS codes come up when in "dealer mode."

Q2: Is that where the mode select coupler is located on some bikes? Down by the left foot with the service cover removed? Because I short terminals on a connector under the seat for dealer mode.

Q3: The service manual says that when the terminals are shorted, if there is a DTC recorded, the ABS indicator light repeatedly flashes in a cyclic manner. When those of you have put your bike in "dealer mode," did the ABS indicator light blink? Probably the answer is no, because I would imagine you have not had issues with your ABS … but let me know.

The rest of the info below is just for reference / background. No need to respond to it necessarily.

What my problem is: The ABS light is on at any time the key switch is on. And it does not ever go out. No matter the speed. It doesn't change, flash, blink, wink. It just stays on. The bike rides great. The brakes work great. I've never locked them or tried to lock them. But the brakes have plenty of stopping power. And the brakes are smooth. I simply want to know what the problem is with the ABS light to always stay on, and resolve said problem.

What I have done and/or noted / observed to date:
  • I have put the bike in Dealer Mode (or whatever it is called). It displays, "_ C00" And when on the center stand or ridden in dealer mode, the underscore turns into an overscore once the rear tire is spinning, but the code remains as C00. The ABS light does not flash, it stays constant on.
  • I have measured the runout on the front and rear tone rings. They are both within ± 0.004". Which seems more than reasonable to me.
  • I looked at the spacing between the sensors and the tone rings. They were very close, but not rubbing. They did look about like a credit card thickness, but I didn't run a credit card in there to confirm.
  • The sides of the tone ring sensors, and all the area in and around there look quite clean. So I would imagine the interface of the sensors are clean. But I have not removed the sensors and confirmed.
  • A member sent me some pages from the service manual. Pages 4E-3, 6, 7, 14, 15 , 16, 17, 28, 29, 43, 44 and 45. I want to say the service manual seems like it is for a new bike like a 2013 or newer. On page 14, it states to ride the motorcycle at more than 3.1 mph. Does the ABS indicator light go off? The answer is NO. It says in not so clear language (due to Japanese translation) to check for DTC output codes and refer to page 4E-16.
  • On page 4E-16, the RH column is DTC information. And it says, "lf there is a DTC recorded, the ABS indicator light repeatedly flashes in a cyclic manner." But it does not say how to initiate the flashing of the ABS indicator light. I'm only by the time of making this post guessing that the flashing of the ABS light happens when a) the bike is put in dealer mode, and b) only IF there is an ABS code.
  • Lastly, I have followed all the trouble shooting procedures from the Service Manual. Everything passed which led to the end result being, "lnspect the wire harness. (Faulty mode select coupler wire)."
Any input on Q1, Q2 and Q3 above is APPRECIATED!
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