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Not like this is a great revilation, but here it is, it's March in Ohio and it's like 20 degrees outside. As a fair weather rider that has't ridden since November, I must say this SUXX!!!!!!

That's all I wanted to say. Come on, Spring!!!!!
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i know our winters don't compare with yours, but i am hoping for an early spring, one day here it is 60 degrees the next 30,or raining and 40,gets confusing, the most agonizing is when it is sunny and 60 and i am stuck at work for 12 hrs
So sorry Ohio. I rode yesterday because I heard it would get up to 60 degrees. However when I rode to work it was 28 not counting the wind when moving. My fingers were practically frost bit. :cry: I definitely have to get some kind of protection. It was nice riding home except for the wind. But the 400 sure rode nice. :wink:
Ha! We've gotten around 10 inches of fresh snow this week :cry: Whats in the forecast for this week? Snow followed be more snow and followed yet again by more snow.

I must confess............I sat on the bike last night for about 10 minutes day dreaming if days to come.
You know it's funny Canada, I did the same thing as you when I couldn't ride for a few days. I sat on the scoot in my garage dreaming about not only riding, but about clothes and how else I could customize the scooter! It's both fun and agonizing when you have a passion about something, isn't it?

I hope the snows clear by May :wink: , so that you can once again ride into the sunset :)

Y'all mean it winter :?: :p
wish someone would tell me theses things :roll:
:shock: COLD???????? What are you all complaining about......geez the high temp here the last 3 days was only in the mid 60's. 8) :lol:
Hey, Ohio! I just took a spin out to Destin, stopped at the beach access (**** that water is a vibrant emerald green!), then I cruised around Ft. Walton. People's jaws were hanging open as I slowly motored around the Santa Rosa Mall with my tunes happnin'!

I think I got a sunburn through my full face and full cover garb! :p

I'm sorry - I couldn't resist sharing. :oops:

Hang in there...before you know it ppl will be bit--ing about how hot it is ('prolly me included :wink: )

Allwalk's right.

Forecast is for more snow, although it's sunny and melting out right now.

Still, you can sniff that unmistakable spring hint in the air just the same.

Went down to the Suzuki dealer today.
(That's the only way I can "go out and sit on my burg" at present) :)

Bought myself a nice pair of riding boots to cheer myself up.

Last week I bought gloves and a face shield for my helmet.

Whatever works! :roll:
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wish i was fishing in destin right now, here we have a fool proof method of determining the season, the waffle house waitresses lose their winter teeth,have a beer for me at that little place near the breakers with the funny name fuddpuckers or something like that
I went for a short ride today (20 miles), upper 30's with salt powder on the road. had to wash it good when I got back, but it wasen't too bad. I fugure
"If it's too good to use, why own it"
The high temperature is supposed to be in the low 70's here in Omaha tomorrow. Then Monday, it will be back in the 40's. Wednesday and Thursday highs will be in the lower 30's. Typical Nebraska tease. But I may wash & wax the scooter and get it ready for the season.

Gee guys. Down here in Tassie we have to ride every day. Even when the temp gets down to 2C. someone has to do it and I'm bloody glad its me. Coldest here on the coast 2C in winter, hottest 27C in summer. Swim in Bass strait all year round. Says something for being DOWN UNDER. Catch you later, going for a ride. Geoff
I dunno how, but the "almighty" must have read this board!!!

Yesterday the temp was between 55 and 60. I put the batteries in the scoots, my wife's Aprilia and my Burgie. Checked the tires, and took hers for a short ride. Then I took the Svelte for a LONG ride.

Tomorrow, the high will be 30 with high winds and snow. But one day was enough to hold me over.

To Pete, I am insanely jealous. When I was in the military I was stationed in Panama City and even did some time at Eglin. I loved that area!!!
It's been in the 60's all weekend. Thunderstorms today, high of 64. Tomorrow; snow flurries, high of 34-low of 21. I really hate being teased like this. I got to ride Sunday, for about an hour. Looks like its gonna be another 2 weeks before that happens again :cry:
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