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A local wanabe Burgman rider

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I went for a ride yesterday and my first stop was at the grill in back of a local convenience store. (Cheap and very good breakfast!) I was sitting down eating when a guy comes thru the store asking who's blue Suzuki is that outside. I wave him over and he asked several questions about the Burgman. He'd seen the bike around town a couple of times but had never been able to locate me to ask questions. One of the things I told him about the 650 and mentioned if they ever offer the Executive here I'd probably trade mine in for it. He said if I get ready to sell or trade it next week or next year, please give him a call so he can buy my 400 from me instead. Looks like the Burgman has another local fan waiting to buy.
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I trust you told him about the forum? (if he is to in webby stuff).
Yep. Told him about the forum but he did not have acess from home and company policy would not allow him to acess the forum from work. Since he does have his motorcycle endorsement, I offered to let him take a ride on the 400. He was running late for an appointment and didn't have time. I did also offer to let him drop by and take the Burgman for a spin another time.
Sounds like your one trusting kind of guy.. :shock:
I trust my insurance. :lol:
u sure your policy covers any other rider other than you operating the bike?
As long as they have the motorcycle endorsement (except my son) and should not be listed as a 'part time driver', yep....they're covered. My policy has an exclusion on my son since it knocked off a tidy sum since he's only 18 and would have to be listed as a 'part time driver'. And, he's not interested in riding the scoot. :shock:
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