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The Gold Wing Chapter we belong to had a group ride planned today. We met up with at least four other Chapters for lunch. It was originally forcasted to rain, but the weather turned out to be perfect, mid 60's-low 70's.

There were approximately 100 bikes there.... mostly Gold Wings of coarse, but there was a green Silver Wing (Custom Paint with Kermit the Frog), my burgy, 6 or 7 Wing Trikes, and a few cruiser types all parked in the parking lot.

I got the most looks though, everyone commenting on the good looks of the "bike". Questions like, How does it handle? How fast can it go? Can it keep up with your Wing? How many miles to the gallon? etc. I think all were impressed. I know I had a smile a mile wide. What a Great Way to Start the NEW YEAR!!!!! :eek:ccasion9:
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