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A good ride out, with a not so happy ending!

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I'd arranged with TwoWheelers to meet up for lunch Saturday with our wives. The meeting place was about 73 miles for me, 80 for him, so a good mid-point.

When I got home Friday, I checked tire pressures, oil levels, lights, and fuel levels. I knew we were good to make it there, and fuelling up for the way back, would leave enough for a few days commute.

Saturday morning, with my wife on the 650, and me on the 400, we had a very pleasant ride down, and had a good lunch with excellent company. But all good things must come to an end, and it came time to ride home, and I had to admit I was looking forward to it as a nice way to cap things off.

We stopped to fuel shortly after leaving, and headed out.
When we got on the open road out of town, my wife behind reported my 400 seemed to be getting noisier (we have helmet intercoms).......all appeared good with the instruments, so I gave it some gas to see how things responded under load. It did seem louder under acceleration, but not excessively so (to me anyway), and responded normally. So we settled into cruise mode........

.......this lasted for about five minutes at about 64 on the speedo, 58 on the GPS, and then with pop I began losing engine revs. I gave her some throttle, and revs began climbing, a single thump, and revs went straight to zero.

At this point, I have to say that it was a bit of Deja-vu. Shortly after I bought the 400, the engine seized, and the symptoms were remarkably similar to what occured this time. Last time it cost me a piston, two intake valves, and about $700 in parts and labor to get the engine rebuilt......and having spent $70 to get the bike towed the 7 miles home, I had uprated the AAA membership to include bike towing.

I had enough momentum to coast to a safe stopping place, and after trying the key once to be rewarded with a "clunk". We called for a tow truck, that got there in about twenty five minutes. I tried to convince my wife she'd be more comfortable in the air conditioned truck, but she wasn't having it, so as the 400 was getting loaded, she headed out on the 650, and I went with the wrecker.

The biggest difference between last time on this, is now I have a garage, and so can work on her myself, instead of having to trust others (plus I know a lot more about Burgmans), so fast forward to this morning, and I got started in stripping down.

Engine covers off, seat off, both leg shields off, Underguard off, and CVT filter cover off, so I could start on the engine.

I drained the coolant, pulled the air-box, the throttle body, the valve cover, camshaft, rockers, and finally the cylinder head........

......below is a pic of what I found then.

Looks like I've got some work ahead of me!
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Get the baby Burgman up and running.
The wifester has some rides planned for the four of us.
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