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A Canadian Entry for "Motorcycle of the Year"

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My name is Jack or Jackson ( Jcsn) as my friends call me. Hailing from the short riding seasoned area of Ontario I ride whenever I can.
I ordered my Burgman in January '03 and recieved it in May. It was a long wait and well worth it . I've put over 9000Km on the bike and considering it is only one of 5 vehicles I have , it appears it is the favourite .
A wheelbarrow was the method used to bring home my first motorcycle in 1961, a fully dismantled Harley 45 . We had lots of fun riding it down a local hill and then pushing it back up ( engineless of course) . I never did get it running and gave it to a friend . Many bikes have passed through my hands since , but there is no doubt this Burgman is the finest . It does everything well and as an all round mode of transport just can't be overshadowed .
I've been asked where I would classify this two-wheeled wonder and I suppose it really depends on what your definition of motorcycle , scooter
and touring bike is. However classified , it is my choice for motorcycle of the year .
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