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Hi all,

We are a group of french riders (mostly with Burg 650), last week, we made a "Tour de france" in 7 days.

We started at Paris and the destinations were in the south of france and in mountains (Auvergne, alpes). We made 3000 kms (almost 1900 miles) during our trip.

So i Invit you to discover our trips with galleries and videos we made of or trip.

My personnal photos :
There is one folder per day and approximatively 600 photos.

The maps of the tour, the stories day by day (sorry in french) and videos :

The map : scooters.htm

The direct links to videos already online :

I hope you'll enjoy viewing these photos and videos and if some of you want to contact us for future rides in france, don't hesitate.

Long ride for all...and sorry if my english is not perfect
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