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650 Vista Cruise Throttle Lock

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Just got back from test runs for my Kuriaken grips and adjustments on my Vista Cruise throttle lock. :D Works great!

Had to use a Dremel tool to remove the raised handgrip shoulders on the throttle, and put a spacer into the Kuriaken throttle grip to keep it from binding on the Vista Cruise.

I made installation harder than it had to be by trying to grind down the shoulders without removing the handlebar module for the throttle. :? After I finally got wise :idea: and pulled it off, the rest was so easy I felt foolish for not going that route in the first place.

All who have ridden the 650 will be aware of the strong compression breaking when you come off the throttle. The Vista Cruise allows me to move my right hand around on the highway without suddenly finding myself at 40 MPH.
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Cruise control that works, cheap!

On my new AN650, I've been using a simple, 3/4" x 1/16" plumber's o-ring, inserted beteen the throttle barrel end, and the bar end weight to modulate throttle spring return. The o-ring must engage the end of the barrel, though. Or, as I've done with my wife's BMW F650, a couple of washers made of inner tube rubber, fitted between the throttle barrel and the bar end. Works just like the old BMW throttle set screw! Doesn't last forever, but rubber is cheap! I'm next putting heated grips on the bike. Possibly Hot Grips.

Do you have any info on Burger tire wear?

Thanks, Budd
what model number of kuryakn grips did you use?
Hey Budd, keep us posted on the heated hand grips. I'm thinking of installing them on my 650 and any info would be helpful. Thanks! :D
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