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For all the 'L.. A..' know :wink: owners out there.

I found a very good account of ownership and servicing experience on the maxiscoot yahoo forum.

I have communicated with the author (Peter) and he is happy for me to post it here. He is also now aware of this forum but prefers email lists to minimise his online time.

From: Peter <[email protected]>
Date: Fri Sep 3, 2004 1:36 pm
Subject: Big Burger Service

Hi All,

I am just completing the 24,000km service on my Suzuki Burgman 650. I
thought I would share with you some thoughts on the last 18 months of
owning a Burgman 650, and the 24,000km service. Keep in mind that I
live in Australia, in Central Victoria.

I bought the machine new and it has never failed me, always started,
no unexplained stops at the side of the road. It has done a lot of
two up touring, to the coast, and mountains on camping trips etc,
usually heavily loaded. It has the tall genuine Suzuki windscreen and
a Givi top box with backrest fitted. Fuel consumption has averaged
between 19km/l and about 21.5km/l (53 to 60 MPG.) It has never needed
the coolant topping up. The engine does not use oil between changes.
It does have the light rattle at idle, often referred to as the
diesel noise.

Taking the plastic off for the service was not hard, just tedious.
However once off, I was able to check the valve clearances, coolant
change, lubricant change etc. I have yet to change the front and rear
brake fluids. To summarise:

-valve clearances did not need altering, all were below their maximums
and above their respective minimums, one inlet was a loose minimum

-fitted the third rear tyre while I have the thing in pieces. The
current front is the second, and has quite a bit of life left. Some
of the roads here are quite abrasive. Rear wheel bearings feel OK.

-brake pads front and rear will need changing for the first time, down
to about 1-2 mm thickness. There is no rotor wear discernible on any
of the discs, thankfully.

-transmission air filter was fairly well clogged, but not totally, I
renewed it. (probably the result of all those dirt roads)

-no corrosion on frame that I can see, (probably understandable
considering my location)

I am currently making and fitting a towbar while I have the rear wheel
out and access to the frame tubing.

All things considered, I like this machine, and would not hesitate to
buy another or reccomend it.

,-_|\ email: [email protected]
/ \
\_,-._/ website:
For those of you who would wish to register/view the maxiscoot group here is the URL:
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