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I've seen several posts for phone mounts on the 650. After much thought I came up with a SIMPLE fix.

I have a Ram Mount. .. ball mount with the U bolt for the handlebar. I placed the U bolt on the handlebar upside down.. on the left side between the switch housing and the bar cover.

Just enough clearance from the brake reservoir.. works perfect for my Garmin or phone.. sturdy safe cheap easy.

Enjoy the ride!

See pic below
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This thread is a waste of time without pictures :(.
I agree with you.

In the meantime:

1) Check out some of the pics on RAM's motorcycle page:

My guess is that @catd, the OP, is using RAM's U-Bolt Base (and a RAM extension arm, and some unspecified) phone holder:

2) If you interested in further reading on this subject, you might enjoy two related articles (with lots of pics) I wrote for webBikeWorld about five years ago:

3) Since then, Apple (in particular) has warned of possible damage to its more recent, more sophisticated, and apparently more delicate phones when mounted on motorcycles. I link to those warnings in a post from 2021:

So if I were doing another article, I would only discuss phone mounts that have provision for vibration dampening:
  • I already had a Hondo Garage Perfect Squeeze (Motorcycle Mounting Systems), so after that warning from Apple I ordered the companion vibration dampener (which, unfortunately, is fairly bulky).
  • If I were starting from scratch, I'd probably order a system from Quad Lock (Motorcycle). They have a more compact setup, including their more integrated optional vibration dampener. The downside of their systems -- which, to me, look very convenient and very well made -- is that you have to use one of their cases for your phone, which might be something someone like me does not want to do.
  • Another possibility is a setup from Peak Design (Mobile Cases & Mounts). I'm not very familiar with their products, but one of them got a favorable review in, as I recall, and their systems have a vibration dampener.
Those are the only three outfits that I'm aware that have specific anti-vibration motorcycle mounts, and I try to keep up with the subject.
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